As an electrical contractor, fifty percent of the work I do is fixing the mistakes of a handyman or homeowner who was trying to save a buck. The savings which initially appear, quickly evaporate when an unsafe or unsightly electrical job has been completed. Most people have to exercise diligence in their finances, but when cheap has to be done over again, what have you saved?

The nature of electrical work is that many jobs initially go smoothly. I’m always amazed however, how they quickly spiral into greater complications. That’s the nature of dealing with older, more fragile wiring and electrical systems that are at the end of their service life. I’m currently wiring an above ground pool. The homeowner had hired an acquaintance with a rudimentary understanding of electrical work. During the electrical inspector’s inspection he categorized it correctly when he said, “It’s all wrong, tear it out.” And that is exactly what the homeowner now has to pay me to do.  Between the lost time, lost money and aggravation, what did he save?  Hiring a licensed, insured professional reduces the likelihood of paying twice for the same job.  – Frank